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Sophia Loren

The Designers from Magia2000 released an amazing doll today.

Their Ooak tribute to Sophia Loren.


They recreated the look that she worn at her 80th birthday last September in Mexico City.


This doll is just perfection and the details are amazing.


How cool are those bejeweled glasses! But what is even more cool is that Mario and Gianni met this Italian Icon in real life this week and presented her the doll as a gift.


For more pictures of this amazing doll:


Gianfranco Ken Doll Video

Barbie Collector just released the video from the new Gianfranco Silkstone doll.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-29 om 21.21.55


The Ceremony is over. The Gondola is ready And Gianfranco’s own love awaits.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-29 om 21.22.19

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-29 om 21.22.50

I love the groupshot at the end of the video from this years Silkstone collection.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-29 om 21.23.27

But I’m also a bit sad that this is the last doll from this collection for this year.

for more information: http://www.barbiecollector.com

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie “the day before”

Tomorrow it’s the release date for the Karl Lagerfeld Barbie. For a lot of collectors a real must have and one of the coolest dolls this year. Some collectors were already able to preorder this doll at the Karl Lagerfeld Shops a few weeks ago. They have a certificate for the doll that give them the right to pick on up tomorrow in the stores.


Last year there were already some online rumors that Karl Lagerfeld was designing a Barbie doll. On July the 17th this year Women’s Wear Daily had the scoop with the Sketch from the doll by Robert Best.


Short after the release of this Sketch Karl Lagerfeld posted this picture on Instagram and his website.


And the last week pictures of this doll are all over the place.

The official pictures from Barbie Collector:




Instagram pictures from Net a Porter and Karl Lagerfeld.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.23.33 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.23.21 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.23.11 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.22.57 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.22.46 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.22.30 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.22.13

I think this was the first unofficial picture. Love how it shows her cool box.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.28.45

And two days ago a collector posted these pictures from his doll on “The Doll Cafe” Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/128008087275958/?fref=ts


But the best picture is this one.


Finally we knew how this dolls looks without her sunglasses.

And here a detailed picture of her outfit.


I love the Karl print of her pants and the mini watch is so much fun.

As a goodie these paper doll version from the doll were send to the press.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.38.2610588684_10203690992747970_1393976870_n

But for me the most fun pictures were from the Flickr Tag Game: Karl Who?

Collectors all over the world are creating Karl Lagerfeld inspired dolls and post them on Flickr. Here a few of my favorites.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.46.40

by SHO:


Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.48.39

by Refugio Rosa:


Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.50.06

by XShowtimeSynergyX:


Schermafbeelding 2014-09-28 om 14.55.59

by Diana Sosa Quiroz:


Tomorrow she will be for sale online at Net a Porter and Barbie Collector. Barbie Collector will release here on 9/29 at Midnight PST.

for more information http://www.barbiecollector.com

Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Ebay Charity Auction

Next  Monday the Madrid Fashion Doll show convention will start it’s online Charity Ebay Auction. Last year they raised more than 6000 euro for the charity “Un juguete, una ilusión”.

Also this year the donations for this auction come from all over the world.

Robert Best (USA) Ninimomo (USA) Magia 2000 (Italy) Artist Creations (Italy) Cotho (France) Lantis Kelly (Italy) Creaenrosa (Spain) Paco Alcaide (Spain) Monlew (Spain) Luis Robles (Spain) Ibrahim Ismail (UK) José Roberto Méndez (México) AFD Group (Russia) Sebastian Atelier (France) Cats’n Dolls (Italy) The Black Swan Company (Italy) María (Portugal) Ana Vilar (Spain) Lorena Sullivan (USA)

The Auction will start next Monday the 29th at 6pm and will end the 9th of October.

This is the Ebay link for the event:


And here an overview of the amazing creations.


JAMIEshow Sophisticated Grace by Magia 2000

The best mix for a OOAK JAMIEshow and Magia2000, to celebrate the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014 Convention, Grace looks a OOAK dress made by the fantastic duo Magia2000, the doll is a JAMIEshow with pale skin, redhead and a sophisticated glamour, the drees in a classic empire waist with lots of airy black fabric, fishnet stocking and classic straps pumps, the top of the dress is a pink pale silk with handmade cristal embroidery, the final touches are the golden necklace and long earrings and a white long faux mink.


Silvi living la vida loca by Supervedette

This year doll by Luis Robles is inspired by the amazing Vogue dancer Silvi Rodriguez Mannequeen.
“Silvi Living la vida Loca” dressed in jewels to be the brightest star at any party, she is beautiful , elegant and cheerful. Strikes the pose!!


Cinderella by Lantis Kelly

For the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention 2014 the artist duo Lantis Kelly have donated a doll for the Charity Auction and it´s gorgeous. They made Cinderella, the classic children story, the doll is a Monster High doll made by Mattel, but made a OOAK, the doll is repainted and have a reroot hair made with yellow yarn, the doll has the classic Cinderella haido with a headband made with pale blue ribbon and pearls, the doll has the classic necklace with the same pale blue ribbon. The dress is the classic pale blue color fabric with lots of sequins, in the back has two white fabric falls also with sequins, the final touches are the white satin and tulle, white gloves painted and the classic clear stilettos. Included a Certificate of Authenticity and a doll story board.


Barbie by Ibrahim Ismail


Julietta Rossi by Creanerosa

The doll the team donated for the MFDS2014, Julietta Rossi, made an statement for the 50’s glamourous parties. The dress, is a night gown, with a fascinator, the inside of the long coat has the same fabric as the dress, all beaded by hand for the back is an inspiration for the Montesilvano Springs.


Rosa by Cotho

Rosa comes from the collection “Soie et Dentelle”. Specially created for the charity auction of Madrid. This doll is an OOAK fashion and repaint doll. Fashion Doll Show 2014. She’s unique. Rosa is wearing a wonderful evening dress. She is wearing a pale pink skirt made with a light silk chiffon. She has a petticoat under the skirt, made with a white gathered tulle. The strapless top is made in a pink silk, with silk chiffon under the bust and make little straps. The top is decorated with glass beads and sequin, embroidered by hand. The dress is closed on the back by little snap fasteners. She is wearing, under the skirt, a flounce of dentelle de Calais* (Calais lace), made in France. The flounce is long on the back and shorter on the front.  The colour is chocolate and the edge is pink. Many glass beads and sequins are embroidered on the edge. The Painting of the face is entirely erased and completely hand-made repainted with high quality acrylic paints. Rosa has intense blue eyes and the eyelashes are applied by hand. She has an original eyes make-up: discreet shades of pink and blue.  Her lips are wearing a pink-red lipstick and her cheeks a soft pink blush that matches the make-up.  Rosa has dark brown hair and a glamorous hairstyle: a low ponytail tie with a pink paper flower.  Rosa has a little evening bag made with pink silk and embroidered by hand with glass beads and sequins.  She has white shoes. Initial doll model is Barbie Silkstone Mattel*, 12 inches. The doll goes with: a stand, a box and COA Certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.


Masquerade Ball by The Black Swan Company

The Black Swan Company would love to invite you to the greatest Ball of the year!The doll wears an exquisite corset fully embroidered with pearls, beads, Original Swarovski and prismatic sequins. We faithfully followed the same embroidery pattern of the Silkstone edition of “The White Swan”, to pay tribute to the Prima Ballerina version who inspired Masquerade Ball.The gown of the doll is made with a mikado base, then covered with exquisite swan feathers sewed trim by trim in order to have a long and luxurious gown fully enriched by white feathers. We have selected only the best trims with the softest feathers and only the thickest parts full of plumage. The final result on the gown is incredible. No animals were harmed for making this possible.The doll also has a belt on her waist made by clear Crystals.The hat is one of the most spectacular highlight of the doll, the swan head has been studded with Aurora Borealis Crystals and there is an internal structure inside the wings to support them and give solidity to the hat. The wings have been fully covered with white feathers.The doll holds a prestigious mask on her right hand, fully studded with tiny Chatons Crystals and Swarovski and then enriched with feathers.The jewels of the dolls are inspired by pearls. She has pearl earrings and an original jewel who cross her neckline, made by three lines of very little pearls enriched by chatons. This jewel changes on the back and falls like a swarovski chain on her left back shoulder. A special pearl bracelet completes her jewel set. The dolls also have a necklace made by Swarovski Crystals.The hairdressing of the doll has been made by the talent of Mary Deneb, it is a soft and at the same time complex and intricate haidressing who falls on the right shoulder of the doll and completed with a swarovski chain.Masquerade Ball doll received a full facial painting with acrilyc colors and sealed with professional sealants. Thanks to the very high quality of the sealants used the paint is ultra safe and last forever.The doll comes in her original box with doll stand, certificate of authenticity and shoes.The doll is prestigious, majestic and very dramatic.Please direct all your inquires to Madrid Fashion Doll Show where the doll has been shipped. The Black Swan Company is not responsible for this auction, so please feel free to ask the shipping date, the tracking number and info to the seller. For any other technical detail, please feel free to contact us directly at the Black Swan company official website


Midnight Celebration with sketch signed by Artist Creations

The Midnight Celebration Barbie Doll Convention, is a Platinum Label, She is using the Lara head mold, with an elaborated redhead hairdo crown with a tiara, the makeup is soft and elegant, the dress is made with taffeta in a mauve color, the cut of the dress is a mermaid style with an open in the middle of the dress, in the shoulders have more of the same taffeta forming a cascade of the same fabric, the dress in embroidered with silver thread and silver sequins in the middle of the dress and at the end of it, the final touches are long opera gloves in mauve color, mauve stilettos, pearl earrings and pearl necklace. This doll is a dream came true. The doll included stand and Certificate of Authenticity with a sequence number. The print sketch of Midnight Celabration Barbie Doll Covention is the first inspiration of a great doll, painted by the artists, is a masterpiece reproduction, signed by “Artists Creations”.


Soraya by Cats’n Dolls


Rendez-Vous à Madrid Barbie by Sebastian Atelier

The doll used is a silkstone where the face was completely repainted.
Eyelashes was put for enhancing the look and the make-up is sweet.
For this event , her hairstyle consists of a turned-up chignon with some curls. Rendez-vous to Madrid wears an evening black and peach gown. Over, from the bustier to the knees, one black lace was put down. The vertical embrodery of black and apricot sequins gives an impulse to the tulle at the bottom of the gown. A skirt in black satin and organza for the sleeves with apricot sequins (also in the back) completes the outfit.
A dramatic black hat with feathers and veil in organza ribbon reinforces the mystery of this date… Will she find the love ?


Sara Montiel Doll by AFD Group

Sara Montiel Doll, is the best way to represent the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014 in a recreation of the great Spanish diva in all her beautieness of her younger years. Is a OOAK with an amazing resemblance with the diva, the hair is a 50’s inspired style. The yellow mustard night gown, is 100% silk charmuse, strapless with a hand sewing embroided all over the drees, the dress has a mermaid form, the final touches are the Swarovski earrings and pin, and a metallic bracelet. This doll represents a unique opportunity to have the great Diva Sara Montiel in a 12 inches doll.


“Fiorella goes to Madrid” original sketch signed by Robert Best

Fiorella Goes to Madrid Sketch. Robert Best made and donated exclusively for the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention 2014 an original sketch of the Convention doll, Fiorella Goes to Madrid, the beauty of Robert’s sketches once again this sketch wasn’t the exception is a piece of art. The sketch represents the Convention doll, Fiorella makeup is soft and sophisticated, blond soft curly, the dress has a floral pattern with black inserts, black belt, fingerless black gloves, black knee stockings, black Greek style stilettos a crystal beading and pearl headband as the one Dolce & Gabanna used by the models in the 2013 runway, two tiny black bows and the final touch the hand bag made with the same fabric as the floral pattern of the dress. Robert Best made a reality the Convention Doll Sketch Fiorella Goes to Madrid, signed by Robert Best.


Barbie Notte di Luna bu José Roberto Méndez


NiniMomo Miss Nantucket 2014 Barbie

In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Fully Lined Gown, Panty Hose, Rooted Eyelashes – This Delegate Features:
From one of the premiere New England vacation destinations, 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts comes this very elegant beauty in an evening gown in quintessential NiniMomo Purple.
Miss Nantucket is radiant in her evening gown that begins with a sheath gown in cyclamen purple 100% silk charmeuse which has been bedecked along hem with scattered hand-sewn beadwork of mixed sequins and seed beads all in shades of purple.
In addition, genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones in cyclamen purple have been scattered throughout beadwork.
Enveloping silk charmeuse sheath is an overlay of gorgeously intricate imported French lace in a deeper version of cyclamen purple.
This lovely lace has been edged down front scalloped edges and back seam in mixed hand-sewn sequins and seed beads all in matching shades of gown’s themed colors.
Scattered throughout this lace overlay, hand-sewn beadwork has been added as well, in sequins and seed beads in varying shades of gown’s colors.
Along with scattered genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones, vintage cabochons in light amethyst have been added throughout.
A decadent accoutrement and finisher to this beautiful ensemble is Miss Nantucket’s stunning short non-removable sleeveless shrug in 100% silk charmeuse matching sheath gown beneath.
Jacket has been decorated with drizzling hand-sewn beadwork and features a matching silk bow at center.
Shoulders are the epitome of couture with their multitude of layered deconstructed silk in matching cyclamen purple and smoky gray.
Drop earrings of genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestone sequins, rondelles and crystal bicones.
Matching Swarovski crystal bicone beaded bracelet.
Miss Nantucket wears a headband of strung genuine Swarovski crystal bicones alternating with crystal rhinestone rondelles.
Eye Color: Purple / Lip Color: Violet Red Red hair is worn in an elegant upsweep.
Doll Formerly: “Barbie Basics 003 – Model #2”


Miss Madrid Barbie by NiniMomo

In addition to Full Facial Make Over, Rooted Lashes, Panty Hose and Fully Lined Gown, This Delegate features:
From Spain’s capital city and largest city comes NiniMomo’s Miss Madrid, created expressly for the 2014 Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention.
Strapless gown of 100% silk charmeuse in burgundy has been overlaid with a black mesh lash complete with gold sparkle embedded throughout.
Center body of gown has been ruched with center seam
At knee gown bellows out into mermaid flounce.
Custom cut pieces of rich floral black lace have been individually hand-sewn onto gown and then covered in hand-sewn beadwork in black sequins and seed bead.
Furthermore, lace has been bedecked with over 300 genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones in hematite
Flounce of gown has been richly edged in a wide panel of lush, black faux fur.
Epaulets have been created in 100% silk black charmeuse and richly hand-beaded.
Hanging from the epaulets are custom made tiny fringe tassels hand-sewn via seed beads onto edge.
Attaching to epaulets are sleeves of black silk taffeta which have been richly hand-beaded and also custom hand-painted in gold filigree.
A matador hat in black faux fur has been custom embroidered at top and decorated with Swarovski cystal rhinestones
Hair worn in a chignon covered in a black lace snood bedecked with metallic gold nailheads
Shoes accented in Swarovski crystal rhinestone
Drop earrings in gold filigree charms accented with Swarovski crystal rhinestone elements
Eye Color: Olive / Lip Color: Frosted Maroon
Doll Formerly: “Barbie Basics 002 – Model #14”


Night Bird by Paco Alcaide

The doll he created is called Night Bird is inspired in the 50’s Summer nights of the Eternal City, Rome.


Dolce Vita Silver Goddess by MonLew. An amazing silver and red variation of this years Golden Goddess that was the table host doll for this years convention.


Black Diamond Plum by Maria

I’m now offering “Black Diamond Plum” that is the 3rd of  “My Favourite Flavours”, my 1st collection.   The doll has the plum colour skirt and detailed bodice with tiny little buttons on the back and the beads on her skirt represents the dew drops in the morning. Her eyes are green, her lips are dark red and her hair is stylished with the green leaves from the trees. I do have black diamond plums in my farm, we all love them in the family, and I hope this plum doll can raise and collect fruits for the charity auction.


La Dolce Anita by Magia 2000

Inspired to the famous Italian movie of “La Dolce Vita” and her main female actress, Anita Ekberg, and following the convention theme , here is the glamoourous creation of Magia2000. She is a grand diva, walking on her premiere red carpet and dressing a dramatic outfit, a black sequined dress with a retro cut, with silk black satin belt and hand-embroidered top and straps in a matching color of black and white, with real Swarovski crystals. She also wears a wide leopard printed crepe coat, with red satin lining and doubled with black net with sparkling details in gold and matching black and borealis Swarovski crystals. a full sequined purse and a rose on her breast line complete the set, along with a fully handcrafted jewel set of earrings,necklace and ring. A true diva is ready for a dazzling catwalk and conquer the world!

for more information:




Today on Facebook Superdoll London posted this amazing picture.


I love the set. Look at those furniture pieces and props !!!

The picture was the preview for a new fashion pack that is now for sale at Superdoll Collectables.

The set is called REV-003 and is a set of 3 jackets in camouflage.

CAMO detail 2 CAMO main CAMO detail 1

Here is the description:

It’s getting cooler and the options of dressing for summer days are almost over here in the Northern hemisphere.
Venus opts for this fabulous 3 pack set of soft tailored jackets.
applied pockets, contrast undercollars and
Perfectly scaled camouflage and just a hint of wildness in the Ninja Star corsage detail!

for more information : www.superdollonline.co.uk

Gianfranco Ken doll

Barbie Colector just released the images from the new Silkstone doll. His name is Gianfranco Ken and he’s a Barbie fan Club Exclusive.

BDH41_Alt01 BDH41

I love his outfit and his face is gorgeous.

This is his story:

Gianfranco™ Ken® doll sports a brushed cotton blazer featuring black flocked trim on the lapels and pockets, button details at the sleeves and a silky black lining. Underneath, is a white tailored shirt, narrow black satin tie and dark indigo jeans with turned up cuffs. Perfetto!

The only thing that I mis is his hat that was in his original sketch.


His edition size is 3300 and his release dat is 10/01/2014

for more information: http://www.barbiecollector.com

Dolce & Gabbana dolls

Today Dolce & Gabbana presented their Spring Summer 2015 collection. A friend of my was at the show and she texted me that the models were carrying Barbie dolls !

After some searching on the net I found the 3 models that were showing the dolls. But from a wrong angle …


On Instragram I saw the first closeup of one of the dolls.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-21 om 18.08.34

Mhh she don’t look like a Barbie.

Finally Style.com posted some detailed pictures from the looks and yes they had pictures from two of the dolls.



Definitely no Barbie dolls but I do like them. They remind me of the Mdvanii dolls from the 90ties.

I love it that they represent the looks of the catwalk. And that miniature bag is so cool. I can’t wait to find out more about these fashion dolls.

First the Karl Lagerfeld Barbie ,yesterday the Moschino Barbie doll and now these Dolce Gabbana dolls.

It’s seems like a doll is going to be the must have accessory for the new season.


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