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Venetian Muse

Today the blog Papusile Mele posted these pictures from the Venetian Muse prototype doll designed by Mattel designer Linda Kyaw.

Venetian Muse


This prototype is on auction at CharityBuzz: https://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/602807

This is her description:

Take home this original prototype Venetian Muse™ doll from Barbie® that was done entirely by hand!

This special piece took weeks to create and features Swarovski crystals hand sewn on her dress. This doll also features additional beadwork around her peplum and gloves. The feathers on her headdress and mask are exclusive to this doll and her face is hand-painted with earrings not featured on any of the other version of the Venetian Muse.

Second in the Global Glamour™ Collection, Venetian Muse™ Barbie® doll celebrates the opulence and wonder of Venice’s Carnevale. She wears an extravagant black ball gown, embellished with intricate golden embroidery and sparkling rhinestones. Her tulle veil, towering golden tiara, gloves made from netting and opulent mask are sure to keep everyone at the ball utterly enchanted.

Don’t miss this chance to take home the super premium version of this collection!

Donated By: Mattel, Inc.

I think it’s fun to see the differences between a prototype and the production doll.

Venetian Muse 2

There is more beading and embroidery on the original design. And they lose the feathers. But I do like the dress with more black from the production doll.

And don’t forget the red sister of this beauty.

Venetian Muse 3

She is a Ooak doll that was made by Linda for last years IDC charity auction. The Sketch was donated to the MFDSC Charity Auction.

I love her lace mask.

So for me this would be the perfect combination ;-)

Venetian Muse4

Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Sunday

On Sunday it was time for the Salesroom. I already showed you my gorgeous lady from Magia2000 but there were more great artist selling their wok at the Salesroom.

AFD group, These guys cme all the way from Russia. The Lady Gaga doll was so cool.


Free Fantasy Dolls brought some amazing creatures.


Marcelo Jacobs had some great new designs. And of course sold out like creasy.


Créations Cotho brought here amazing Games of Thrones dolls and that new Silkie she made was just stunning.


Artist Creations had gorgeous new ladies.


And Sebastian Atelier. Love his romantic dolls. Especially the lady with the lamb.


There was many more to see in the Sales Room. For more pictures of this event  you can check out my Flickr Page:


An other fun part of this day was celebrating Skippers 50th birthday with this Spanish cake.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 19.07.34

Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Gala Diner

Saturday evening it was time for the Gala Diner. This year I was hosting a table. And as a gift for the people at my table I made dolls dressed in La Dolce Vita style dresses. I’m not good with a sewing machine so I got some help from my friend Marcelo Jacob.


The diner was a great event I and I had an amazing time with the collectors at my table.

IMG_6272 1

All the tables had a centerpiece doll. There were two variations a brunette and a blonde. The doll was called “Barbie Ekberg Tribute” designed by Paco Alcaide and made by Yolanda Cañete.


I loved it that they displayed some of the dolls for the Charity Auction during the diner.

Gala5 Gala4 Gala3

At the end of the evening it was time for the Convention doll. And here she is.


Her name is “Fiorella Goes to Madrid”. Her edition size is 150.

This variation of the Fiorella doll has a matching handbag, headpiece inspired by Dolce & Gabbana and red lips.


I Also love the Sketch that Robert Best made. This piece of art will be auctioned at the Charity Auction later this month.


And then as a total surprise the table hosts got an amazing doll called “Dolce Vita Golden Goddess”.


She is made by the artist duo Mon-Lew and Paco Alcaide.


I’m so in love with this gorgeous lady.

After the Diner we had fun party. And the Spanish collectors and their friends just know how to move on the dance floor.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 17.56.02


Mardid Fashion Doll Show JamieSHOW doll cocktail

Saturday afternoon there was a JamieSHOW doll cocktail in an amazing apartment in the city.


During this event you could buy two exclusive dolls that were designed for the MFDSC.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 15.24.43

Sophia (love her small oscar statue)

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 15.29.06

and Millia de Oro designed by Paco Alcaide.

There were so many gorgeous dolls.


And I loved this doll dress by Magia2000 that is a donation for the charity auction at the end of this month


Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Saturday Workshop

Saturday morning it was my turn. I had a miniature worksop to give.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 14.48.35

For the workshop I made a a paper miniature version from the repro “let’s play Barbie” set.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 14.51.38


I had some amazing “students”. And I was really impressed by their work.


At the end everybody went home with a complete set.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Friday

Last weekend I went to the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention in Spain. The convention was held in the Emperador Hotel in the center of the city.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 14.05.55

During the day there were all kind of lectures in a nearby Fashion School.


And In the evening there was a MOD party at the roof from the hotel.

A lot of people were dressed in MOD style and here is my favorite couple of the night.


Inspired by the Sugar Daddy Silkstone.

The drink of the night was a of course a pink cocktail. And there was  a fashion show with a grand finale  the outfit from last years convention doll “Premiere Beauty”.


The Designer Marcelo Jacob designed two Mod style Barbie’s for the event.

JCtkLAtS078ntDb6Zl81YXfX069re59UfNz2B3OkuMk 24dXpXZE4XGASJmH4CaBTrd8Ui5d-VsqeXWw5Qkseak

There were five of each. two of them were prizes for the best dressed guests and the other dolls you could win with a raffle.

At the end of the party all the guests got an outfit from the designer Marcelo Jacob called Chess Mess.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 14.35.37

Royal Palace in Madrid

Yesterday night I came back from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention. I had such an amazing time. Madrid is such a great city and the convention was one big party.

On the second day I visit the Royal Palace.

Royal Palace

Such a beautiful place.

And in the salesroom on Sunday I fell in love with a lady that was named after this building.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 12.53.55 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 12.53.40 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 12.53.30 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 12.53.22 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-15 om 12.52.57

Royal Palace in Madrid is a creation from Magia2000. I love the color combination, the amazing beading and her face !!! wow so gorgeous.

The designers from Magia2000 brought some gorgeous dolls to the salesroom.

Magia2000b Magia2000a

And I think it’s so cool that my friend Alex all the way from Mexico went home with this beauty.


You can imagine that there were 2 very happy collectors that morning in the salesroom.


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