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Barbie Style

Today Barbie Collector launched their Instagram page and it looks really good.

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I love the accessories pictures.

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She already has 3000 followers in one day and she is flowing the cool fashion designers herself.

I hope we will see some Silkies here in the future.


The Vanity Bride

Today Démuse Doll released an amazing Ooak called the Vanity Bride.

demuse-bride-050 demuse-bride-066 demuse-bride-041 demuse-bride-076

The Vanity Bride is an OOAK DéMuse doll. She comes with NOËLLE sculpt, a very strong face structure, long neck and slander body with total of 23 joints.

The Vanity Bride comes with normal skin tone and very light make up with freckles, nude pink lips and brown eye brow. Platinium white wigs, heels and the bridal gown are included . Special certificate will be included too.

The designer NiGel.ChiA posted a great video on Facebook how he created this amazing dress.

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for more information:


Mulvany & Rogers

I’m a big fan of the miniature artists Kevin Mulvany and Susie Rogers. Their book Magnificents Miniatures is one of my favorite miniature books.


I think it’s not available anymore. But when you are interested in dollhouses and see this book on the second hands market BUY IT !!! These artists belong to the best in the miniature business. They make the most incredible dollhouses on commission. And today the Daily Mail featured a new project on their website. Ofcourse it’s all 1:12 but imagine a house like this in 1:6.

Here is the article:

By Les Wilson For the Mail on Sunday

Every little girl loves a doll’s house. But few are quite as exquisite as this miniature of a 19th Century building on Boulevard St Germain in Paris, occupied by a luxurious store and designer apartments.
With dolls’ houses like this costing up to £100,000, it isn’t one you would want to let your toddler loose on.
The doll’s house boasts hand-made Venetian glass goblets and birch and lime wood interiors.


Proud creators: Art historians Susie and Ken spent a year working on the miniature, using a team of specialists from Italy, France and Spain to recreate the French store

Made by art historians Kevin Mulvany and Susie Rogers, it was commissioned by a private collector and recaptures a magical time in French history.
At 5½ft high by 3ft wide, the four-storey replica has silver and gold mouldings and fixtures, while everything from the tiny Prada and Chanel shoes to the marble table tops are faithful copies.

The couple, who live in Holt in Wiltshire, have been making miniatures and dolls’ houses for 30 years.
‘It took a year to complete,’ says Susie. ‘We like to leave our “calling card”. Our snaps are in some of the frames.’


Couture: A dressmaker’s dummy stands in an incredibly ornate fitting room.


Cut-glass accent: The miniatures glassware which fills the house is made of real Venetian glass – and can be seen on the tiny table next to a normal-sized goblet.


Store windows: Left is a dummy in a designer dress topped with a pink, feathered hat; centre is a jumble of artefacts which make an artistic display; right a model poses in elegant clothes from a high mattress – the fabrics are hand-painted and the small basket contains miniature cutlery


Detailed: Pictured above is an ornate table – complete with pictures frame, a vase of flowers, a brush and a perfume bottle


Showroom: A real hand shows the scale of the tiny, designer-label replica handbags

for more information:



Sous Les Tropiques

This week the designer from the Victoire Roux dolls Chris Stoeckel posted a new lady on Facebook.


Her name is Sous Les Tropiques.

“Sous Les Tropiques” Victoire Roux™ is a fully articulated 12-inch vinyl doll with a stunning rooted hairstyle. This basic Victoire Roux doll is ready to look stylish under the tropical sun with her period accurate turquoise and brown floral bikini with a perfectly coordinated sleeveless robe (to protect her delicate shoulders from the harmful rays of course!). Victoire is ready to lounge on the exotic beach of her favorite resort with a lovely beach bag, earrings, bracelets, headband and sandals!

I think she would look great together with the Saint Tropez Victoire Roux from the 2012 convention.


But I need her for the Night at Ciro’s fashion from last years convention.

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-15 om 16.43.03

A redhead in a green dress. Perfection !!!

This new doll has an edition size of 600. As a perk to W Club members, a portion of the total edition size has been set aside for members and is offered via a right-to-buy lottery. But you don’t have to be a member to get this doll. There is also a lottery for non-members. Just mail your name and address to offer@integritytoys.com.

This was not all the Victoire Roux news from this week. She is getting a new friend. Simonetta Bertorelli an Italain actress. The first Simonetta Bertorelli doll is called La Ville Lumiere and she will be one of the convention dolls for this year. I can’t wait to see her.

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2015

Registration for the Paris Doll Festival is open !

And this years theme is “Paris Cabaret”.

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-13 om 23.07.38

the festival will be held at 13, 14 and 15 March 2015

Registration fee is €125 and includes a banquet luncheon on Saturday 14 March 2015 at the Novotel Paris Est, a special Barbie doll manufactured and donated by Mattel for the Paris Fashion Doll Festival, a Fashion show, presentations and more surprises.

For now they announced that Superdoll is also at the Doll Festival and more to come….

and that other events like a cocktail party, afternoon tea and workshops will be online soon.

for more information: http://www.dollexpo.wordpress.com

Midnight Celebration

Yesterday evening they revealed the convention doll for the National Barbie Convention in the US. This year Artist Creations were asked to design the doll.  I loved the doll they designed for the life auction.


So my expectations for the convention doll was very high. Because of the time difference here in Europe I set my alarm at five this morning. And there she was.


Her name is Midnight Celebration and I love her !!! I think she s one of the best US convention dolls ever. Love her Gown.


And that face is just perfection. I just can’t choose between the CC and the AA variation.

I also love the design from the box.


It’s so chic. She is the perfect doll for a fabulous New Year’s Eve party.


And I also love the original sketches for this design.

They also revealed next years convention theme. A Star is Barbie. The convention will be held in Arlington, VA at the Hyatt Crystal City from July 29 through August 1.

I you want to go to this convention you can download the registration form at http://www.barbieconvention.com

I already filled in mine :-) and going to post it tomorrow. So next year I will do a live report from this convention ;-)

Brunette Skipper and Double date

Barbie collector keeps putting new dolls to the shop.

Yesterday the Skipper 50th Anniversary Doll Brunette.


It’s a hair color variation on the blond Skipper that was released at the beginning of this year.

She comes with all these cute accessories.


This is her description:

Happy birthday! Skipper® doll wears a re-creation of 1965’s ”Happy Birthday” fashion #1919 from the 1900 Series. Her sleeveless dress features white lace embellishments and blue floral embroidery. A “straw” boater hat with a blue ribbon tops off her adorable ensemble. Also included are replicas of the original accessories: a “wrapped” gift, birthday “cake” with “candles”, napkins and more!

Her price is $39,95 and her release date is 08/01/2014

When your are interested in buying this girl I think you should get her as soon she is in the shop. The blond version was sold out in jut a few days.

And today they Double Date 50th Anniversary Giftset


Allan, Midge, Barbie and Ken dressed in recreations of their swimwear as sold in 1964.


This set is a Barbie fan Club Exclusive. The price is $100,00 and the release date is 07/30/2014

for more information: http://www.barbiecollector.com


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