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Magia2000 The Royal Collection

The grand finale of the evening was the ooak show from Magia2000.


This year’s theme was the Royal collection. And wow Royal it certainly was.They were all there. Marie Antoinette, Japanese Empresses, The Pope, Amazones, Disco Queens, Grace Kelly and even a knight.

And the beading !!!! I never saw a collection of the guys with so many details.


Now this is true Haute Couture.

I love it how the guys give their presentation.


While Mario introduce the dolls and tells about the collection Gianni and their friend Ibrahim show the dolls around on the runway, just like a real fashion show.

I wish I was there to see this Iconic collection with my own eyes. 

Bravo !!! Mario and Gianni.

Rebecca made amazing pictures of this collection where you can see all the amazing details. Enjoy !!!

Artist Creations

The next show of the evening was the show of Artist Creations.


Alessandro and Giuseppe brought a diverse and colorful collection to Jacksonville.


Here is the beauty they created for the silence auction. 


The conventioneers loved the collection and they sold out in no-time.

Rob’s Dolls and Friends Salesroom

This morning Rebecca send me an amazing amount of convention pictures from the last 2 days. So lets’s start with the Tuesday. This day was all about ooak parties. The evening started with the Rob’s Dolls and Friends Salesroom.


As you can see some of the best were selling their creations in this salesroom.

How gorgeous is this this Marie Antoinette inspired doll.


And I Love this lady in pink.


Here some more pictures of the amazing creations you could find in this salesroom.

Silence Auction preview

Tomorrow its time for the Groovy Gallery Opening welcome reception with the silence auction. This year I worked on a piece for this auction with some great friends. Mario and Gianni from Magia2000 asked me to make a set for their silence auction donation. They guys came with the idea to make an Andy Warhol doll with his muse Barbie. And Andy needed a studio.


So after some brainstorming we decided that I would recreate a piece of the famous factory studio. So a silver brick wall and a concrete floor was my starting point. When the dolls and set were ready we had the idea that it would be cool to have this donation shoot by a good photographer. So we were very happy that our dear friend Rebecca Berry from Inside The Fashion Doll Studio was willing to help us out. The dolls and set were put on express to the US were they arrived just in time. Rebecca did an amazing job the days before she was leaving for convention herself.

So here it is our donation for the silence auction.

20160717IMG_1163-Edit (1).jpg

Look at that face. Now that is the face of a MUSE.

20160717-IMG_1126edit (1)

And I love the Marylin patterned fabric the guys used for her spectacular gown.

20160717IMG_1145-Edit (1)

The set has many mini’s that you can play with like sketches, polaroids, Interview magazines and many of Andy’s famous pieces of art.

20160717IMG_1140-Edit (1)

And look at the bling on her shoes.

20160717IMG_1131-Edit (1)

And don’t forget Andy.

20160717IMG_1129-Edit-3 (1)

I love this famous portrait from him that Rebecca recreated.



I hope this piece will raise some good money for charity.

Mario, Gianni and Rebecca it was an honor to work with you guys !!!

Matt Sutton

An other artist that opened his door yesterday was Matt Sutton. Rebecca send me so many gorgeous pictures from his creations. I just don’t know were to start.

Here a few of my favorites (when I’m typing this I know I probably post them all because they are all favorites)


I love this girl. She remind me of Evie from the BBC serie The House of Eliots.


And this pink with black lace gown is just to die for.


And what do you think of her. A raven in a black and white polkadot gown, can it get any better then this.

2016 is an amazing year for the Matt Sutton fans.

And after the show its tradition that the Matt Sutton fans come together in hotel bar to enjoy each other dolls while drinking cocktails to celebrate.

What a perfect way to end the day.

for more information about Matt Sutton’s creations:


Julia Originals

One of the ooak artists that is selling her creations from out of her room at the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention is Julia Originals. And wow she brought a spectacular collection with her.


I love the vintage signature style and how she use colors.

for more information about Julia’s work:


National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention 2016

Hi guys, here is Rogier from DutchBarbieWorld. As some of you already know during convention my dear friend Rebecca and I take over each other fashion doll blogs. And this time it’s my turn because Rebecca is at the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention !!!

This year the convention is held in Jacksonville Florida and the theme is Pop Art.


The convention starts officially next Wednesday. But many collectors arrived last Saturday /Sunday because in the days before convention there is room shopping and designer shows.

Here some pictures Rebecca took during roomshopping.

I love these artworks by Thomas Soderberg.


And here some of the gorgeous Ooak dolls he brought to Jacksonville.


This morning early registration started.


And I love it that there are Barbie dolls everywhere on display in the Hotel.

Later today I will blog about a few of the Ooak artist doll shows.



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