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LA Sybarite Event

O wow, I just saw the best doll giftset ever !!! Why do I sit in rainy Holland behind my computer and not in LA at the finale diner and dance party ;-) But I’m so happy that some of my dear friends are there.

The organization Drama Queen Productions are the BEST. For this convention they opened an Instagram account. So people like me who are sitting at home could follow this amazing convention.

And wow this convention had the best dolls and goodies ever !!!

It all started last Thursday. There was a cocktail at the upper deck from the Beverly Hilton Hotel with an amazing view over the city. the conventioneers got a cool backdrop and a fabulous set of high heels.


There was also an event gown called MINT that you could buy.



On Friday there was a Lunch and everybody got this outfit called Skinny Dip.


It’s a swimsuit with a kimono, parasol and map of Hollywood. I’m so in love with this outfit. Cant wait to see it on a doll.

At the lunch you could buy the Companion doll.


Her name is Fierce. And I love the fifties look of her dress.


On Saturday they had a workshop where you could learn how to restring your dolls.

At the diner that just ended they presented the convention doll. Her name is Atrium. And WOW what a doll

picture by instagram Drama Queen productions

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-19 om 07.27.04

This is the best giftset I ever saw. Love everything about this set. The lady in lingerie is gorgeous.


And I LOVE  that gown!!! The set on the left is a cool color variation of the outfit from the companion doll.

for more pictures from the FABULOUS convention:


IDC 2016 convention Doll

After Paris and Madrid now also the Italian convention IDC announced that their convention doll will be a Silkstone designed  by Robert Best.


Registration for this convention is already open. for more information:


Audrey at the IFDC

It was quite an Audrey Hepburn theme at the IFDC this week.

JAMIEshow Dolls presented their new doll Audrey.


And a collection of Little Black Dresses, perfect wardrobe for this doll.

picture by JAMIEshow Dolls :


And this wasn’t the only Audrey Hepburn inspired doll.

Integrity Toys doll were inspired by My Fair Lady and done in the Nu. Fantasy style.

The Friday companion doll is my favorite.

Her name is “Wouldn’t it be lovely”.


Her edition size is 500. and her price at the IFDC was $135. 250 were sold during the salesroom at the IFDC and 250 will be offered to members of the W Club by a “right to buy” lottery.

The Companion doll is called “Without You”.


I love the striped detail on Erin dress above the split.

And this years Souvenir doll is called “Danced All Night”


both dolls have an edition size of 500. And some will be offered to members of the W Club by a “right to buy” lottery.

There was another piece that I really loved. It’s a piece of doll furniture by JAMIEshow Dolls.

picture by JAMIEshow Dolls:


I hope this Swan Chair will be available soon at the JamieShow website.

for more information:



2016 European Convention Dolls

It looks like that next year Europe is getting Silkstone Barbies as a convention doll again. Two European doll conventions already confirmed it on their websites.

The Paris Fashion Doll Festival:


And Madrid Fashion Doll Convention



La Cigale


Today the house of Dior presented the Fall 2015 Couture collection. I love that they lifestream all the shows .These 3 looks were my favorite.


And this wasn’t the only Dior today. When I came home from work the postman delivered a package. A new doll and she is just perfection.

It’s a Victoire Roux, Avenue George V dressed in a gorgeous ooak dress by the designer Chris Stoeckel.


It’s a recreation of the famous “La Cigale” dress from the Christian Dior Fall/Winter 1952-53 collection.


Harper’s Bazaar (September 1952) described “La Cigale” as built in “gray moiré, so heavy it looks like a pliant metal,” while Vogue (September 1, 1952) called it “a masterpiece of construction and execution.”

I love the silhouette and the details are amazing.


for a video of todays couture show:

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-07 om 23.27.14


Barbie Clutches

The vintage Barbie inspired clutched from 77th are finally available online.

They come with one or two polyester resin doll(s) in an acrylic box with a pvc leather cover. The chain of the clutches is 14k gold plated.

Here the styles that are available online


Vintage Aloha Dolls


Vintage Dolly Doll


Vintage Jessie Doll


Vintage Kate Doll


Vintage Madonna Doll


Vintage Paula Doll


Vintage William Doll

the price of the clutches are from 13.500 Thai Bath. That is ike 308 euo and 340 dollar.

for more information:


Victoire Roux repaint by Xiaolan

Today a gorgeous new lady arrived at my home.


It’s a repaint by the artist Xiaolan. And she is so gorgeous.


Redheads are always my favorite dolls. And I love her face. Xiaolan really has her own signature style. It’s all about the eyes.


for more information about Xiaolan:



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