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Natalia Vodianova Barbie

Yesterday the Louis Vuitton foundation held a charity evening called Love Ball. The event was organized by the model Natalia Vodianova. During this event the model presented the Natalia Vodianova Barbie.


This doll will be released by Mattel in 2017. Part of the funds from the sales of this Barbie  will go to the Naked Heart foundation. A foundation for the creation of a system of free services for families with children with developmental disabilities, as well as the construction of inclusive playgrounds.

It looks like the doll will be wearing a fake fur coat from the Fall 2015 ready to wear collection from Louis Vuitton.

Très Chic Boutique

Today I picked up the new Poppy Parker Très Chic Boutique at my local IT dealer.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-05 om 21.40.11.png

I Love love love !!!! The box design. Its so cute. I was very tempted to leave her NRFB. But my Fashion Royalty dolls need to get deboxed and played with. One of my “collector rules”. Silkies can stay boxed but everything with articulation needs to set free.

And I’m glad that I did. Because she is cute in the box but FABULOUS out of the box.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-05 om 21.38.06

I love her with her hat on, and the bags are very cute.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-05 om 21.38.28

First I thought that her jewelry was to big, But for some reason it does work.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-05 om 21.38.46

The shoes….. I just need to get used to the flat feet😉 I think it’s because this is my first Poppy. I’m very happy with this lady. Can’t wait to complete this Bon Bon collection.

Ooak Doll Festival

A few weeks ago I got this mysterious invitation in the mail.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-25 om 01.50.15.png

An invitation to the first ever Ooak Doll festival. This new doll event is limited to 100 attendees and presented by Ninimomo, Magia2000 and Rocky Schmidt And it will take place on February the 16-18 in New York  !!!!

The event will take place in the Crowne Plaza Times Square manhattan hotel on Broadway.


d As a big fan of the designers in the organization I just knew I had to go. And I registrated even before I read the website and the complete schedule of this event😉

This will become Barbie Doll history and I don’t want to miss this !!!

So what do we already know that we can expect from this fabulous event.

On Thursday there will be an opening reception with a sneak peek of the salesroom and a golden ticket raffle where you can win exclusive ooak dolls. They already announced a few of the artists that will be making a doll for this event: Magia 2000, Ninimomo, Matt Sutton and Judy O’Connell.

On Friday morning they will have the “Unconventional Materials Challenge”. A challenge where you have to create an ooak doll with unconventional materials. This sounds like so much fun. I already have visions of dresses made out of Salami and cheese😉

During the day there several workshops and the opening of the salesroom. A salesroom that will be only open to ooak artists, doll customizers, people who fabricate individual outfits, accessories, furniture or props for use by doll collectors. Sounds like heaven to me.

In the afternoon there is a trip planned to “Mood Fabric” the famous store from Project Runways and M&J Trimmings.

And in the evening there will be a Platinum Party Diner featuring a tribute to Magia2000 with and auction and a presentation. At the end of the evening everybody will get an exclusive limited edition doll designed and created by Magia2000.

Saturday morning you are going to create your own Ooak doll. Now that can be interested.

This day the salesroom will be open to the public

And after the cocktail hour during diner that night you have to bring your creation to the table. This night will be a tribute to Ninimomo. And also at the end of this diner you will get an exclusive designed doll for this event by Ninimomo.

I can’t wait to go. It all sound amazing. And I just know this will be THE doll event of the year. There are a few spots left. So if you are interested then don’t wait to long to contact the event.

For more information:


Scammed by a “friend”

So as most of you guys know I like to post about things I love and try to keep away from the doll drama in this collector world. For me collecting is about fun, friends and gorgeous dolls. But not everything in this collecting world is pink butterflies and unicorns.
I got scammed.
And normally I would keep the things to myself. But recently I found out that many dear friends got scammed by this same person. So I decided to go public with my experience so this person can’t make any more victims in this doll community.

So it started with a doll. Or to be honest it started with 2 dolls. An ooak artist that I admire had an online sale. And I was behind my computer so I didn’t miss this sale. The dolls went online and I bought one of his creations. Then I saw an other gorgeous lady and she was still available. So in just a few minutes I bought 2 amazing dolls. Then my dear friend Alex Jauregui came on line and texted me about this sale. And that he was in love with this gorgeous redhead in a silver gown and that he was going to contact the artists if she was still available. I already knew she wasn’t available anymore, I just bought her a few minutes ago. So felt a bit greedy for getting two dolls. And what is better then making a friend happy. So I told him that if he really wanted that lady the doll was for him. So my friend was very happy he got her and I was happy I could make him happy and I still had my other girl.
“Is it ok if I pay you later?” Yes of course no problem. So the dolls arrived from the US and I send some pictures from this lady to my friend. “Can you bring her to convention and is it ok if I pay you there” Yes of course no problem. Convention came I brought the doll with me and my friend was over the moon. He loved her. He had just one problem. He was robbed in the Hotel. Money was gone, credit cards, everything. The doll community is a very close community. So when a collector is in trouble in a strange country you help him. People lent him money and the payment for the doll would come later.
Time went by and I contacted my friend to ask about the money. And yes I got a payment by paypal !!! Only the next day paypal blocked the money. I contacted my friend and he told me his paypal account was hacked in Russia. But as soon as it was solved he would send me the money again. Weeks went by and I asked about his paypal account. There was a problem and he was getting a new card, so when he ad this card he would send me the money.
And this went on and on and on. In the meantime a grandma died, a divorce took place and many other big drama things. So when we chatted about these things you wanted to be there for your friend and don’t mention the money every time.
But at one point I got irritated. So many excuses something was wrong. And I was getting a little worried.
Then a friend contacted me. If I to had money problems with Alex. This small line made me feel so stupid. I wasn’t the only one my friend took money from and didn’t pay it back. And in the weeks that followed it turned out many other friends were having the same experiences with Alex.
I confronted him. And he was glad that I brought it up. I told him we all cared about him as a friend and we could work on a solution. He was happy it was in the open now and he was very busy but he was getting a bonus soon so he could pay us all back. Then the communication stopped. I was already warned by friends who could not get in contact with him for months now.
I became mad. And if I have to be honest its not about the money but more that I lost a friend. A very good friend, at least I thought he was. And this all for some dolls. How can you be happy with your collection when there dolls in it that you stole from people. It was so easy for him to solve this. If you just keep the conversation open we could have work it out.
I gave my friend and ultimatum. I asked him to send back the money or the dolls. And that I wanted a response in 3 days. And if he didn’t response I would go public with my experience. 3 day later no response, and today I found out he blocked me on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels.

This is my story. I hope his scamming in the doll world will be over. And I’m very sorry for all the people that are involved.
So look out for my “friend” Alex Jauregui. This is the name he use in the doll world. In real life his name is Arturo Alejandro Villasenor Jauregui. At the time I didn’t thought it was strange that he used a different name in the doll world. He was married with a Mattel employee from Mexico and he wanted to keep these to worlds seperate. At the time a logical explanation but now….. On other social media he is called Foodieart76 and Foodie Collector.

Mischka Aoki

There is a new fashion doll coming to town. The Australian luxury brand for children Mischka Aoki asked the fashion illustrator Megan Hess to design a doll for them. At Instagram they are showing us the process of the making of the doll.

It all started with a sketch from Megan Hess.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 07.48.54

In this first sketch the doll is wearing a dress called The Grand Royalle from the Iconic pieces collection.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 07.51.58

A picture of the doll being constructed.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 07.48.29

I love how sweet her face looks.

And last Sunday they revealed a picture of a finished doll.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 07.48.16

The dress that the doll is wearing is a miniature version of The King’s Daughter dress from this spring summer collection.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 08.05.15

But it looks like the doll will come with or in other fashions to. Mischka Aoki posted some other miniature versions from their collection.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 07.49.39Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 07.50.06

Here we see Party at the Olympus.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 08.11.14

I’m Above Others.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 08.12.40

And The Fairest Of The Fair.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 08.18.54

All 3 pieces from the Fall Winter 2015 collection.

According to Mischka Aoki the dolls will be available soon.

for more information:




BFMC miniatures

Today my ladies go a new cabinet filed with BFMC goodies.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-28 om 00.02.35

Filled with new mini’s like the Hallmark ornaments, this years calendars and the BFMC Display case.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-28 om 00.02.06

The cabinet is the Ikea Billy bookcase that I also use in my own doll room to display my dolls.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-28 om 00.02.20

I’m going to make 10 of these bookcases. So if you are interested in buying one send me an email rogier.corbeau@gmail.com and I will let you know when they will go online in my Etsy shop.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-28 om 00.01.37



Today I got a new doll from Vietnam. A repaint and redressed Silkstone doll by Aquatalis.

For me Aquatalis was totally new. But they already have a very big fan base. Aquatalis is the brand name from the duo designers QuanaP and AlexNg. And they do everything. They reroot, repaint, make gorgeous fashions and accessories and they do an amazing job on doll Photography.

So here is my new doll.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-26 om 12.05.52I love the face paint. Its so soft. And in real life she has the powder shimmery skin.

I also love her fashion.

Very Chanel 2016 Fall/Winter

Like the dress we saw on Elle Fanning at the Cannes International Film Festival last week.


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