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IDC part 3

The Sunday morning was a bit difficult. I think it was the Wiskey Cola from the night before that didn’t helped. But I had to go meet my friend Alex from Mexico to get in line for the sales room. We are both big fans of the Ooak dolls Magia2000

At 9:30 the salesroom opened for the people from the convention. And there they were. 5 gorgeous ladies.



Alex went home with the gorgeous blonde with gold lace and pink embroidery. And I fell in love with the blond in the Chanel style dress. her name is Magic garden in Milano.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-21 om 22.24.37

So in the first minute I was already broke. So no more spending for me that day. But wow the sales room was great.

Here a few of the highlights.

I saw the iconic Moschino Barbie

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-21 om 22.30.11

And I was so happy when I found out she went home with one of my online doll friends.

Some amazing Ooak creations by Sebastian Atelier from France. Who also completely sold out.


The new doll artist Clara Fornari who brought some gorgeous porcelain BJD to the showroom.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-21 om 22.45.49

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-21 om 22.46.06

The Fantasy Fashion Rock-Nymphs from Free Fantasy Dolls by Nickis Fabbrocile.


And many many more. I made a lot of pictures from the sales room that you can see at my flickr account.


There was a fun Barbie exposition with the theme Fashion Designers.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-21 om 23.26.24

Competitions and fun raffle room.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-21 om 23.28.41

There is just to much going on at the IDC to show here on my blog. Next year the theme is IDC goes the USA. And of course I’m going. So if you are thinking of going to a convention in Europe Milan is the place to be. It’s a great convention with a big group of international collectors from all over the world. Mario and Gianni and their team are doing such a great job. During the convention you feel the love they have for the doll community. IDC is just one big pink party.


IDC Part 2

The Party really started with the Fashion show. I always love this part of the convention. It’s so much fun and the costumes were so good.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-20 om 22.48.18

Sebastiano and Mario stole the show dressed like the Ethel and Lucy Barbie gift set.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-20 om 22.47.52

After the fashion show there was a cocktail and the table hosts had some time to prepare for the Gala Diner. I was a table host this year and my table was the Apple Pie table.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-20 om 22.56.40

Because of my moving  I didn’t had a lot of time to prepare a table gift this year. So I asked two dear friends to help me out. Together with Rebecca Berry from “Inside The Fashion Doll Studio” and Marcelo Jacob we created these Ladurée gift sets.


The gala was beautiful decorated.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-20 om 23.30.42

And I loved this years center pieces.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-20 om 23.07.52

The dolls from the Charity Auction were displayed during the Gala diner. It’s always great to see them in real life. Here a few of my favorites


Matt Sutton, Creations Cotho and Magia2000

I had such a fun international table filled with dear friends !

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-20 om 23.14.10

The evening itself was perfect. I didn’t had time to make any more pictures, this happens when you have a good time. But believe me Italians know how to Party. The entertainment was great. The food was great, there was a video presentation from Mattel. you could win prizes, rewards were given out and 10 lucky people had the chance to throw a pie in the face of Mario from Magia200o (don’t asks me why, but it was so funny) And then the moment came of the convention doll. We all knew that we would get a special doll designed and made by Magia2000. But we didn’t expected a doll with so much details like this.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-20 om 23.36.09

Her name is Sweet Delizia. And when she was revealed the crowed went creasy. Everybody gave Gianni and Mario a big standing ovation. I just love her.

She comes in this special designed box and with this gorgeous sketch.


Schermafbeelding 2015-05-20 om 23.43.23

Her edition size is 275. Imagine how much work the making of this convention doll must have been. I have so much respect for the guys that they did this for us.

And then some people were asked to come on the stage and bring the doll with them. Because there was something wrong with the dolls…… And we (yes I was one of them) had to give back our dolls.

Then the guys presented a special color variation in Pink.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-20 om 23.48.27

A doll they made in a edition of 25 for the helpers of this convention. I think you all can imagine how honored I am for getting one of these dolls.

After the diner there was a disco with great music. And we spend many hours having fun with friends in the lobby of the hotel. Tomorrow I will post about the Sunday salesroom. And for more pictures of this convention have a look at my Flickr account.


IDC Part 1

I had such a great time last weekend at the Italian Doll Convention. For me this was the best convention ever !!! I arrived the friday before with my mother (this was her first convention) at the convention Hotel Melia in Milan.


It’s the third year that the convention is held in this Hotel so for me it was a bit like coming home. Melia is just the perfect hotel for a convention. Especially this year. The theme of this years convention was Foodie because of the World Expo in Milan and the Melia hotel is perfectly situated between the Expo and the city center. The Friday was very relaxed. Some shopping, a lot of pasta and seeing friends. The best way to start a convention.

And when we came back to the Hotel a great welcoming goodie bag was waiting for us at the room.


I even had the time to prepare my table gifts.


Arriving a day before the convention. The best convention tip ever.

On Saturday after registration I had a miniature workshop.


And it was so much fun. I had the best “students” ever. Everybody did such a great job. We made some miniature Barbie Silkstone boxes.


A funny thing at the convention was that at the same time the famous football players from Juventus were staying in the hotel. There was a big group of fans waiting outside the hotel. So every time we went outside we feel like celebrities.


Girl in Dior

I have always been a collector. As a child I spend all my pocket money on comics and later on graphic novels. Today I got this new graphic novel that I think my doll friends are also interested in.


Girl in Dior. Is a story about a young fashion journalist that attend the first fashion show from Christian Dior and ends up working for him as a model.

It’s a fun fashion story and the artwork is very stylish.


I was already a big fan of Annie Goetzinger’s work but this (by Dior-approved) story is the something very special.


It’s was quite hard to find a copy because this first run is already sold out. But a second one is coming soon.


Girl in Dior

Annie Goetzinger

ISBM 978-1-56163-914-4

Italian Doll Convention Charity Auction 2015

It’s time for the IDC Charity Auction !!!!

This year the Charity is “Karibu” Onlus.

Italian Doll Convention always supported Associations which take care of children. The doll collectors, as grown up player or doll lovers, are close to children and their problems.
The Karibu was established in 2007 by the will of POPI FABRIZIO and his goal is to create a project at a time.  “The project I have worked on for seven years is called KARIBU Chakama. The Chakama area is quite isolated in the heart of the savannah of Kenya, near the Tsavo Park Est, about 75 miles from Malindi. The Karibu Chakama Project aims to help the community of Kibora, a rural area of about 2500 people, to improve their living standards in terms of food, commerce, health and culture. Any of your help, even small, is a great gesture of generosity.
 If you want to learn more about “KARIBU” and its mission visit  http://www.lakaribu.com
And here an overview of the amazing dolls in this auction.
Ooak “Lady of the White Woods Barbie by Bill Greening.
Ooak Fashion Doll Agency Hybride nr4 – Collection Haute Couture
Ooak AFD Group charity doll Maria Callas
Ooak “Cupcake Chef” doll by Lantis Kelly
Ooak Free Fantasy Dolls “Peppermint” by Nickis Fabbrocile
Ooak “Isabeau” doll by Cats’N’Dolls
Ooak “Wild Lis” Doll by Sebastian Atelier
Ooak “Goose Mousse” Doll by Patrick Kon
Ooak “Royal Delizia” Doll by Magia2000
Ooak “Wig1 Bows” by Time ofDoll for Kingdom Doll
Ooak “Wig2 Rococo” Wig by Time of Doll for Numina
Ooak “Diamond Jelly Strawberry Lady” Doll by Mon-Lew
Ooak “Caviar Queen” doll by Ninimomo
Ooak “Midnight Lace” Doll by Matt Sutton
Ooak “Divina” Doll by The Black Swan Company
Ooak “LA Marquise Des Gourmandises” Doll by Creations Cotho – Corinne Thorner
Ooak “Silver Fox” Doll by Matt Trujillo
Ooak “Lady Myosotis” Doll by L’Atelier Di Tiziana
Ooak “Rosa Lila” Dress by Cholo Doll Couture for 16″ dolls
Spolverino Originale Di “Giorgia – Senza Paura Tour” + Giorgia Doll by Magia2000
I can’t wait to see these beauties next week in Milan. And I hope they will raise a lot of money for charity.

Lavender Luxe

The German Amazon is taking on pre-orders for the new Lavender Luxe Silkstone.


Love this redheads and the promotion pictures are amazing as always






Here price on Amaon.de is €149,99 and she will be available on 1, August 2015.


Elegance in Bloom

In the latest issue of my favorite doll magazine Haute Doll there was a big surprise for me at the end.

A gorgeous picture of an amazing OOAk doll by Magia2000.


Her name is Bloom and she will be auctioned of to benefit St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

 For me this doll is pure perfection.


Love her delicate face. And the color combination grey pink and gold ! Can it get any better then this.



11169526_10153067610404130_5288577593277856133_o 11141267_10153067610399130_7211409356387099874_o

for more information:




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